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Thursday, January 12, 2012

the last piece of my heart

*I love this song. Sweet sangat. I dedicate this song to my future husband. 
I really wonder who is the person that i'm gonna marry, where is he? what is he doing right now? I guess he might be sleeping right now b'coz it is 3.44 AM. Hehe..If he is not sleeping right now, I think maybe he is playing a game. you know the boy stuff. Pc games or whatever. Oh what if he was in oversea? I mean he might staying at UK, Newzeland, German for studying maybe.( mengelabah je aku ni ) .Btw, hows that feel when we in love? i mean real love.Hmmm...apa-apa je lah.

*bosan study plus buat assignment pagi-pagi buta then dengar lagu carta hati ,tiba-tiba terfikir pasal jodoh. merepek je aku. k daaa..
*the last piece of my heart will be own by my  future husband. (^,) I love you and always love you. ( Belum jumpa da cakap i love you. Memang tak boleh blah.)

cats lover,

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